What Is Considered An Army Veteran

A recently signed law gives official veteran status to National Guard. Previously, Guard members were considered veterans only if they served.

Anyone who served in the military is considered a veteran, war or peace 8 people found this useful What did the veterans do for the US? Veterans in the US put their lives on the line to protect.

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Army Veteran Is Pulled Over By Cop Then Officer Points Something In Front Of His Car ARLINGTON, Va. — A recently signed law gives official veteran status to National Guard members who served 20 years or more. Previously, Guard members were considered veterans only if they served.

It appears that you must have served in active military service. From the Veteran’s Eligibility page on the VA page: "For the purposes of VA health benefits and services, a person who served in the active military service and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable is a Veteran..

Veterans and active duty military personnel are considered automatically independent for federal need analysis purposes. However, the Veterans Administration and the US Department of Education use a different definition of veteran, leading to some confusion.

FEDERAL DEFINITION: under Federal Law a VETERAN is any person, who. Full time National Guard duty is only considered such when National Guard. in the Army or Air National Guard or active duty for training as a Reservist in the.

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what is considered active duty military pay? I am a national guard soldier that has active duty pay, drill pay, and bonus pay all included on my w-2. Do I claim the whole w-2 as active duty military pay or can I not claim it because some of it is not considered "active duty" pay?

A veteran’s entire period of service does not need to have been entirely within a designated period of war. Even if only part of the veteran’s service occurred during an official period of war, that veteran would be considered to have had wartime service.

What is necessary to be considered a combat veteran? A combat veteran is defined as a person who has experienced life-threatening situations and have been severely wounded on the battlefield beyond what an "average" person would ever experience.