Copy 6 Of Dd214

Obtaining a copy of your DD-214. How do I retrieve a copy of my DD-214 or other service records? 1. If you are a current active duty or reserve member, contact your Servicing Personnel Office for assistance. 2. Please be aware that the DD-214 is a certificate of release or discharge from active duty.

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Copy No. 4, containing the statutory or regulatory authority, reentry code, SPD code, and narrative reason for separation also will be physically delivered to the separatee prior to departure, if he/she so requested by initialing Block 30, Member requests copy 4. Remaining copies of DD Form 214 will be distributed on the day.

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 · Why does the Reserve not have a form like the DD214.: Why does the Active Component have the DD214 and the National Guard have the NGB Form 22, but the Army Reserve does not have a form showing service after they got out of the guard. For example, A Reserve Soldier could go to Basic and AIT, they would get a DD214 after training, then spent the next 19 years drilling and then.

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Electronic Cost-Free Copy of DD-214. eBenefits, a web portal managed jointly by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the United States Department of Defense (DoD) provides Service members with free electronic copies of their Official Military Personnel File, including their DD Form 214. Electronic copies will be provided.

Ticket Requesting Accounts: I am Currently Serving * I am a Veteran (all Honorably Discharged and Retirees) * I am a Severely Wounded Veteran (Purple Heart) * Gold Star – I am the Primary Next of Kin of someone who was Killed In Action. Surviving Spouse of Service-member – with service connected death.

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